Renova Developments

In 2004 Renova Developments was formed to be the NHS LIFT company, a joint venture public-private partnership, between Fulcrum, the Department of Health and the local NHS in Halton, St Helens, Knowsley and Warrington.

Renova Developments is now owned by Fulcrum and Community Health Partnerships (CHP), the company owned by the Department of Health to lead primary and community health care infrastructure development in the 49 NHS LIFT projects across England. Following the creation of Clinical Commissioning Groups in April 2013, CHP works with the four CCGs in Halton, St Helens, Knowlsey and Warrington to help them develop their primary care estates strategy and Renova is the organisation that develops the new buildings and supports the rationalisation of the estate to deliver primary care and out of hospital services.

Renova has been one of the most prolific LIFT companies in England and has developed 17 excellent new primary care and community health facilities ranging from the £10m Newton Community Hospital to the Orford Primary Care Resource Centre, part of the £30m Orford Jubilee Park regeneration project opened by the Queen in 2012.  Dr Anita Malkhandi, GP in Orford said: “Renova have driven our partnership from the outset providing strategic support and guidance. The project is set to bring major benefit to the residents of Orford Park.”

Renova has delivered consistent improvement in quality, value for money and customer satisfaction to its NHS partners and to local patients over the last 8 years.  Construction costs and rental levels have both fallen by over 20% through close working with end users and design and construction partners to secure improvements in design solutions and by learning how to reduce problems in later projects.

The Chair of Renova Developments is Humphrey Claxton and the other directors of the Renova Board are:

Neil Ward – Community Health Partnerships (CHP)

Dave Sweeney – Public Sector Director (Halton CCG)

Sarah Beaumont-Smith – Fulcrum Infrastructure Group (FIG)

Adrian Wallace – Fulcrum Infrastructure Group (FIG)

The General Manager of Renova is Ian Willett who is based in Renova’s Warrington office.