South London Health Partnership

South London Health Partnership (SLHP) was formed in 2013 to bring together the two NHS LIFT companies in South London that have the same shareholders – Fulcrum and Community Health Partnerships (CHP).

In 2003-04 two LIFT companies, joint venture public-private partnerships, were formed by Fulcrum, the Department of Health and the local NHS – one covering Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham and one covering South West London – the boroughs of Wandsworth, Sutton, Merton, Croydon, Richmond and Kingston.

SLHP is now owned by Fulcrum and Community Health Partnerships (CHP), the company owned by the Department of Health to lead primary and community health care infrastructure development in the 49 NHS LIFT projects across England. Following the creation of Clinical Commissioning Groups in April 2013, CHP works with the nine CCGs in South and South West London to help them develop their primary care estates strategy and SLHP is the organisation that develops the new buildings and supports the rationalisation of the estate to deliver primary care and out of hospital services.

SLHP (and its two constituent companies) has developed a number of excellent, high profile buildings including Lambeth’s Baldry Gardens, a new GP and community health centre in Streatham which won the Best Community Healthcare Design and Clinicians’ Choice Building Better Healthcare Awards in 2011.  The judges said “The building was designed with the user at the centre and as a result offers welcoming, reassuring, understandable spaces both for staff and users.”

In Southwark SLHP developed Sunshine House, home for the Southwark Child Development Centre, a £8.5m building designed to provide high quality purpose built facilities for children with special needs.

SLHP’s most recent project is the Surbiton Health Centre in Kingston. Surbiton is unique amongst NHS LIFT buildings because the project also included the development of a new primary school for the local council. Dr Phil Moore, one of the GPs working in the new building said “Fulcrum has been a consistent, supportive and innovative partner. The result is a building of which we can all be proud and will produce genuine improvements for local people.” Clinton Pascoe, head teacher of Lime Tree primary school praised the co-location and co-operation with the NHS saying “the curriculum will have a strong focus on health. This will feed into the curriculum through physical education, the development of social skills and emotional literacy, healthy eating”

The Chair of SLHP is Geoff Alltimes,Chair of the Estates Sub-Group of the London Devolution Programme. The other directors of the SLHP Board are:

Jamie Andrews – Community Health Partnerships (CHP)

Andrew Eyres –  NHS Lambeth CCG

Dr Phil Moore – NHS Kingston CCG

Darrell Boyd – Fulcrum Infrastructure Group (FIG)

Sarah Beaumont-Smith – Fulcrum Infrastructure Group (FIG)

The General Manager of SLHP is Tess Pendle who is based in Fulcrum’s Piccadilly office.