New Website – New NHS

Welcome to the new Fulcrum website. It’s taken quite a long time for us to update our old website and, more by accident than design, our new site is launching at the same time as the new NHS.

Like every person and every organisation working with the NHS we have been spending lots of time thinking about how these changes are going to work and how they will change the way things have been done up until now. Our whole business model is based on working in partnership with the NHS, helping to develop excellent new buildings and supporting our NHS colleagues to make the best use of their estate to improve healthcare for local people.

Under the new arrangements we now have a lot of new organisations and people to work with but the objective remains the same:  how to ensure that the estate is the enabler of health improvement rather than a burden for clinicians.

We hope you like this new website which sets out how we work, what we do and how we want to work with our NHS partners in the future.  We will be adding more information to this site over the coming days and weeks so keep coming back and please let us know what you think as your views are very important to us.

Alan Gavurin