Clinical Commissioning Groups

Clinical Commissioning Groups want to be sure that the best use is made of the primary and community health care buildings in their areas.  Six out of every seven consultations between patients and clinicians take place there.  Out of Hospital plans are creating demand for more space and funding is under great pressure.  It is very important that the buildings support modern, dependable and integrated services.

Fulcrum has built new primary care hubs or health centres but it has also helped CCGs and PCTs to make the best use of their NHS estate.  We have unlocked resources tied up in unsuitable facilities which were no longer CQC-compliant.

We can only do this because we work with GPs and other clinicians to understand what they need both as commissioners and also as providers of front-line care.  We understand the central role that primary care plays in caring for people locally rather than in hospital, and supporting people who live with long term conditions.

Fulcrum has access to capital for investment in new and existing facilities.  Our funds come from one of Europe’s largest pension-fund investment companies: this means we take a long term view of our investments rather than seeking short-term returns.