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Health Service Journal - Fulcrum's QIPP Opportunities Review

QIPP Opportunities Review is the name given by Fulcrum to the way it helps the NHS make the best use of its most important primary health care buildings. It came out of work with Clinical Commissioning Groups and Primary Care Trusts themselves and uses different methods to find out where resources are not fully used. This ‘spare capacity’ is then matched to local services and activities which need more resources to function properly and so improve the health of local people.

This article, which appeared in the Health Service Journal in November 2012, is about the way Fulcrum helps local health care commissioners and providers meet local objectives and QIPP targets by making better use of their existing buildings.

Ian Davies of Knowlsey PCT said: “ (Fulcrum) came in as a critical friend and asked lots of 'why' questions … Yes it's common sense, but they put a lens against our current arrangements and looked at it with fresh eyes … and so were able to present us with solutions we would not have necessarily have thought of."

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