Defining Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

In changing, challenging times, it is crucial that investors demonstrate that their activities are ethical and socially conscious to priority global issues such as climate change, equality and diversity, and corporate transparency

These factors are broadly defined as Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) which cover a company’s ‘green credentials’ such as its energy use, waste and pollution; the social values it follows in how it works with staff, key partners and the community; and its commitment to operate in a fair and transparent way

As a responsible, values-led investor, Fulcrum already place a clear focus on ESG criteria in the delivery of community healthcare facilities and initiatives throughout the UK – indeed, as Fulcrum’s parent company Meridiam says: “We deliver sustainable infrastructure that improves the quality of people’s lives”

Fulcrum’s targeted approach to ESG

While ESG offers valuable criteria for companies to follow, it remains a very broad framework where greater clarity is often needed to help inform investment decisions. Fulcrum have therefore developed a more targeted, strategic approach, offering a much more clearly defined framework of what its partnerships, events and healthcare initiatives must deliver. This includes:


  • As long-term partners and co-investors, Fulcrum and the NHS share a common interest in ensuring that the healthcare facilities continue to be well-used, well-maintained and best serve the local community
  • It is a perfect blend of the public and private sector working together to shoulder the challenges and share the successes between them
  • The LIFT model also offers the convenience of “full service” rents which include the provision of critical services such as building maintenance and the “lifecycle” repair and replacement of equipment
  • With the burden of building upkeep removed, NHS and health practitioners can focus on what matters most – the community’s health and well-being, not bricks and mortar
  • As the UK enters an uncertain new chapter, the public and private sectors working in partnership is the strongest way forwards – the LIFT model offers the stability, continuity and flexibility the UK needs to tackle the healthcare challenges that lie ahead